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10 Design Trends That Will Turn Into Classics

I am excited to share with you 10 ways you can update your space in a way that will feel MODERN to you now, and will still thrill you in the future!
  1. Sleek, hard edges are softening. There’s going to be a resurgence of rounded edges and circular furniture. This creates calm and comfort to combat the sense of chaos in our world.
  2. Details like tassels and trims are making a comeback over simplicity, especially in draperies.
  3. Upholstered headboards have always been popular, but the trend is exploding. They add the cozy factor as well as glamour to even the most streamlined bedroom.
  4. Although repurposing, recycling and reusing will still remain key elements with interior decor, the reclaimed wood furniture look is past its prime as a trend. Lighter wood with tighter grain patterns, like birch and maple, feel more modern; while rich, dark stained woods provide classic luxury.
  5. With organic design and sustainability still on trend, cork is making a stylish come back. Items like stools and end tables add to the organic design of a room, and using it on the walls helps absorb noise in open-plan homes. You probably didn’t know that it is available in fabulous colors!
  6. As space efficiency becomes more important to homeowners, oversized furniture doesn’t fit the bill anymore. Pieces that can be folded up and stored away are practical, and this trend extends into kitchens with retractable exhausts.
  7. Open floor plans are shifting back to compartmentalized rooms, especially kitchens. People don’t want their guests to see a messy kitchen when they’re entertaining. They have also discovered that noise doesn’t travel throughout the house as easily with separate rooms, and they are searching for quiet nooks for retreat.
  8. Organic, textured wall papers are making a huge comeback – from grass cloth to subtle printed organic patterns like florals, vines, bamboo, etc.
  9. Mirrored coffee tables were popular in the 1960s and 70s, and sure enough, they’re back and will work for many years to come in traditional settings as well as contemporary.
  10. Subway tile trend is still popular, but penny round tiles are just as classic, and feel fresher.