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Moving Checklist


Is it move in ready and what does that mean?

People are touring homes, and not just yours so make it memorable. Make it fit the consensus of new home purchase requirements. This is not all about making things look pretty, but to MAXIMIZE the sale!

The below checklist features key items that I can help facilitate while you’re preparing your move OUT OF the old or INTO YOUR NEW home.



OK, it’s time for a clean slate and that doesn’t mean WHITE. It means clean walls and a fresh palette, that’s all. That in itself is huge. If prospects see scuff marks anywhere, that’s not going to fare well. The key is to eliminate ANY noticeable eyesores AND potential work folks will have to do when they move in.



Replacing carpet is almost always a must ! No one wants to move into a new space that has child or pet messes underlying the surface. For worn or stained carpet, it’s best to select a neutral shade and replace what could potentially harbor excess dirt and odors. I highly recommend it be child/pet proof, which means it’s solution dyed and can be cleaned with bleach if necessary, without compromising the carpet color.



Oh, this is a BIG one! A new doormat and a pretty front door color (HOA approved;) can make a world of visual difference. Making those welcoming changes, along with some guided landscaping changes can make pulling up to your home irresistible, versus tattered or depressing. Proper landscaping makes it seem like the homeowners really CARE about their home. If the outside of your home doesn’t look loved, it’s almost automatic that prospects will feel the inside follows the same course.



They don’t need to be expensive but they need to be on trend. They can come from Loews or Home Depot, but they need to be updated so there’s no broken or rusty elements. I like to assist in making sure all of your lighting selections FIT, have correct wattage, and properly match your decor so when the installer comes things go smoothly. And you’re not stuck with a bunch of returns !



So when you tour a home, what do you want to see? You want vanities and fixtures that look clean if not new, and functional. You want a kitchen that’s not going to warrant a ton of remodeling. Do you need the cabinets repainted, will you need to retile?


So, before you make any large or costly decisions, let me help you take inventory —
A quick fix may be easier than you think!