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When you’re doing the #kitchen… and then some!

This dining area is actually part of the kitchen, so it needed to be casual, but also elegant, as it is the sole dining area for the home.


The angled bay windows that frame the space, allowed us to use quite a large, round dining table. As well as, a matching set of curved benches that we upholstered in a traditional design. This space also graciously held 4 more armchairs to provide lots of seating. The textures here are layered— grassy, woven wood shades, patterned chenille benches, and a lovely hammered finish on the table. The sparkling teardrop crystals on the chandelier also add visual interest and appeal to their style!


The dining benches are a family favorite. They provide both cozy and comfort at the table, with a great view of the chef and trees outside! The homeowner often brings her laptop to the table, and her dogs jump atop the bench to sit right next to her while she works.The selection of durable materials was a very important detail we discussed and planned when designing this area. As these pieces are used daily by lots of family, and frequently when entertaining friends. Folks say hello to the oil painting of Bessie on the way out!


The leather chair lined side space was originally designed to be the dining room, but the clients wanted a bar area for wine and cocktails when entertaining. Another major consideration was keeping a traffic path open for them to access the lower level of the house, where their home office is located. A dining table and chairs would definitely have made it tight to maneuver around on a daily basis. Using this space for casual entertaining allowed for comfortable seating, a large sideboard with wine storage, intriguing art as conversation starters, and plenty of room to mingle.


This sunroom may be separated from the rest of the home by the sunken tile floor, but it is definitely part of the overall view with its large interior windows, looking into the bar area. The family has lots of dogs who are allowed on the furniture so durable and washable slipcovers were used for easy care and maintenance. They also enhance the casual, breezy sunporch mood the homeowners wanted. And with the room being so narrow, a sleek and minimal ceiling fan was the perfect fit!