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  batchick-house-0002 You may think it’s just the mattress that makes for a good night’s rest, but luxury bedding truly makes a difference. In fact, today’s high-quality mattresses made of foam and latex aren’t ideal for temperature control, even if you love how they support your body. You may wake in the middle of the night hot and in a sweat, and then can’t get back to sleep because the sheets are damp and clammy. Don’t go tossing out that expensive mattress yet, though. Bedding is the answer.

The Pantone Color Institute describes itself as the authority on color. One of its roles is to provide color forecasting to the interior design, fashion and product-development industries. They offer a global point of view on color trends six to 24 months before they hit the market. They recently posted their top 10 color trends for Fall.  It's exciting to see what they've chosen and to begin thinking about how these colors can spark a feeling or create an impression.